3 Ways Marketing Automation Helps You Connect With Your Customer


Marketing automation is a big force in capturing the attention of your target audience. It helps you keep a competitive edge because, in so many cases, customers know a great deal about your dealership from online interactions before they ever set foot on your lot.

Online marketing automation gives you an opportunity to engage your customers early in their buying process, develop your reputation as an expert in the industry and increase overall brand awareness. Here are three ways marketing automation can help you connect better with customers:

Web tracking: Your website is no longer just a landing place to list your contact information and show a few pictures of your inventory. It’s a hub for your marketing plan, and it plays a significant role in making a first impression on all of those customers that start out online shopping before they visit a dealership.

Use web tracking to determine which areas of your website are seeing the most traffic. What leads people to your site? Is it a Google search or are they finding you through a video you posted on social media? Tracking and analyzing these events will help you shape your marketing plan to be more effective at gaining new customers and help you know what potential customers are looking for.

Personalized content: If a visitor to your site is browsing pickup trucks, you can easily automate your system to send her an email with content focused specifically on the benefits of certain types of pickup trucks or with an upcoming promotion on your pickup truck line. Personalized content shows your customer that you’ve heard them, you understand what they are interested in seeing, and you are the source for the cars that they want.

Variable communication: If you’re only finding one connection point with a customer, then you will appreciate the multi-channel approach you get with marketing automation. For instance, if your potential customer visits your website, you can automatically create a prompt to offer something of value in exchange for their email address. Likewise, when you send an email, include a way for them to follow you on social media.

Determine how you tend to connect with the majority of your customers and then develop a strategy for communication through additional channels. Depending on your customers’ preferred communication style, you may be missing opportunities with only one form of communication.

Marketing automation is a significant driver of dealer success in today’s automotive industry. It’s important to find ways to increase the connections with customers and develop a reputation for being a leader and an expert in your market.


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