4 Sales Strategies to Boost Your Success


Purchasing an automobile is a milestone for most consumers. In many cases, you’re selling more than a car – you’re selling an experience that impacts and/or defines a lifestyle. So, what sales strategies can you employ to expand this experience to more people?

1. Listen to Feedback and Make Changes Accordingly
Criticism is difficult to hear for most people, but if you take a step back and entertain the thoughts of others regarding your performance, the benefits can be great. While it’s human nature to find critical remarks easier to espouse than compliments, it’s important to look at areas where you can improve. Take your customer feedback seriously and work to change the aspects of your approach so you can create a more positive customer experience.

2. Use Data to Build the Relationship

When you engage in a sale with a prospective customer, you’re establishing a relationship. You’re also gathering data on them in the process. Take careful notes about the little things that the customer might share. For instance, if they mention an upcoming birthday, be sure to send them a card or an email on that day acknowledging their special day. It seems small, but it’s huge in nurturing a relationship that can lead to return business.

3. You’re Selling an Experience
You’ve likely spent time making sure your waiting area is comfortable and has the necessary refreshments. This experience should extend to a customer’s interaction with you. One important part of this is making sure you have all the information they could ever possibly want on the automobiles that grab their interest. They are going to be excited about the purchasing an automobile and maybe a little apprehensive about various aspects of the process, which means you need to be sensitive to these feelings and be ready to turn it into a positive for them.

Ask them probing questions about what is motivating their interest or disinterest, and be ready to share facts that either bolster or educate them on various features and perks each vehicle has. Let them know where to access this information online for later as they proceed in their decision-making process. This sales strategy is increasingly important today as consumers do much of their research online.

4. Be Available
Just because they’re not on the lot with you in a face-to-face exchange doesn’t mean your dedication to their needs is no longer important. A report from McKinsey & Company found that a third of customers would actually make their purchase online if possible. Have you made that an option for your prospective buyers? Have you made yourself available via email and text messaging for any questions they might have? Some customers might be pleasantly surprised that you would go this extra mile for them, but in actuality, it’s just going to be a sales strategy that works in your favor.


These four tips are important to look at as you set goals to improve your sales and provide a positive experience for consumers.


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