5 Digital Trends to Watch That May Change the Way You Market Your Dealership

digital trends

Just as you see technology evolve in the vehicles on your lot, it also continually changes the way in which you market your dealership to consumers. Digital marketing and digital trends constantly evolve, which means it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing now and if you need to update your digital marketing strategy.

1. Customer Centrism
It’s not a philosophical ideology – it’s simply putting the customer first. For instance, you’ve likely established a firm social media footprint, but how are you utilizing it? If you’re being too brand-centric, you’re missing the boat on this latest digital trend. You want to focus on the customer completely. What might have worked with older generations does not work with Millennials, the newest group of car buyers. This demographic expects to be catered to by car dealerships. Make sure your social media outreach doesn’t look like a brand advertisement.

2. Multi-Channel Approach
You need to spread your digital marketing focus out among a number of areas. Social media is a good example where you can reach out through a variety of channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn – they all have specific focuses that allow you to reach the maximum number of potential customers.

3. Integrate
Sure, digital trends are all the rage. But just as you seek to spread out your digital footprint, integrating with more traditional methods of outreach is important. For example, television commercials, print advertisement and radio continue to be effective in pulling in buyers to your lot. Not everyone (though most everyone) is tied 24/7 to their smartphones. There remains a relevant group of consumers out there who rely on traditional outreach.

4. Get Analytical
You need to make real-time decisions in this digitized age, and digging into analytics can help you do that in your efforts to stay ahead of your competition. When you look at the analytics, even in the case of traditional mediums, such as print and television, you see what’s working and what needs to be re-evaluated, giving you the ability to make a quick change of strategy on marketing projects that need tweaking.

5. Constant Content
There is a large variety of content floating around out there that can be used to your advantage. There is so much from which to choose, in fact, that it can be confusing for your target market. Help out by making it easier for them. Fill your social media with the most pertinent and relevant information available in the auto industry.

How have you found that your digital marketing approach has evolved? What digital trends are you finding to be the most important today?


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