Artificial Intelligence May Change the Way You Sell But it Won’t Replace Your Salespeople


Artificial intelligence is able to automate many of the tasks that used to be done by humans. Manufacturing jobs have increasingly been accomplished by artificial intelligence, and many other jobs, including food service and stocking shelves in warehouses, will soon be completed by robots.

Your sales team may have wondered, “Am I next?” If so many other jobs can be replaced by artificial intelligence, it’s normal to consider whether salespeople will soon be eliminated for data-enriched, automated sales robots.

The simple answer is no, and here’s why artificial intelligence will, instead, make your sales team better:

Saving time: Automation can take over many of the time-consuming tasks that a salesperson performs, like working to find an appropriate meeting time based on two or more busy schedules. Artificial intelligence can also analyze behaviors in a sales process to predict which might be the next best step to move a customer forward towards buying a car. These automated activities free a salesperson up to focus on activities that require personal insight, like writing a custom email or making a phone call.

Different levels of data: A computer can do amazing things with data, like suggesting when you should make a phone call versus send an email, or keeping track of a long and complex set of sales leads. What a great salesperson does, though, is beyond the reach of a computer. A salesperson reads the room, gets cues from a potential customer’s body language and other non-verbal cues and picks up on the emotions of the customer. They know when to make the final push and when it’s best to leave the decision for the next conversation.

Relationships: While the ability of artificial intelligence to interpret emotions is bound to improve, it will likely never be able to match the qualities that come with a human-to-human relationship. When you’re selling cars, you’re asking a customer to spend a substantial amount of money with you, and that requires a high level of trust. That’s hard to come by with a computer, no matter how well they are programmed. Emotional intelligence is a hard thing to imitate.

While some purely transactional sales positions are likely to be lost to automation, great salespeople in your dealership will continue to be important for your dealership. They’re likely to get even better with the tools available through artificial intelligence. With tasks like scheduling meetings automated, they will have even more time to connect personally with customers and provide them with highly-personalized service.


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