How Artificial Intelligence Will Bring a Personalized Approach to Your Marketing

artificial intelligence

Many trends in technology are rooted in bringing a more personalized interaction to consumers. Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to make those tasks easier. For car dealers looking to establish more solid relationships with their target market, artificial intelligence will become a key factor.

Catering to the Need

We change as we grow, and so do our preferences in automobiles. Many people make their choices based on their unique identities. Do you know your target market’s preferences? Do you keep tabs on the way they change? Some of this is easy, such as the single man who first buys a coupe from you; gets married and goes up to a sedan; has kids and purchases an SUV. However, to gain more insights, you can rely on technology to give you the upper hand.

Machine learning is one of the hot topics today, and it’s closely associated with AI. Your sales team can get an assist from machine learning platforms that track behaviors on all your customers. Perhaps the most startling development is that it can predict their next level of preferences before they even know what they are.

Automating the Campaign

Machine learning has been a great tool for dealers looking to automate their campaigns. This technology allows you to personalize the way your clients are going through the buy cycle.

All the engagement is automated, which means you’ll never miss an opportunity to reach out. Various predictive models help you make the right choices regarding point of contact and the content you use.

Detecting Buyers

Thanks to AI, we’re also able to see which consumer is the most primed to make a purchase. When you find out who they are, you can reach out to them in a way that will have an impact on their choice of dealership to work with, so you have to get to them first. That’s where AI tools can help you today.

The way this happens is that you use your digital marketing platform to track clients’ online behavior; connect to your social media channels, CRM and DMS; automate direct engagement through appropriate and multiple channels; and cross-check your data to ensure its accuracy.

It’s worth noting that while we’re relying more and more on tech to assist us in the buy cycle, your personal interaction is still highly valuable. You can use all the technology to funnel them to your dealership, but it takes a skillful communicator with great listening skills to close the deal.

How are you using AI in your sales efforts?



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