How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape Dealership Marketing

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is already making its way into the customer experience, with large companies employing chat bots for answering routine customer questions. It’s about to become much more widespread, and your dealership will soon be reaping some of the benefits of using artificial intelligence to make your marketing efforts smarter.

Here are some of the trends shaping up in artificial intelligence, and how they’ll impact your marketing strategy:

Automated personalization: You may already be using artificial intelligence to personalize emails that are triggered when a customer browses a certain type of car or when they are due for a service appointment. These technologies will expand to consider more data and become even more tailored to a customer’s individual preferences and behaviors.

Predictive marketing: Soon, not only will you be able to provide your customer with information about a car they’re considering because they asked for it, but your systems will be able to predict the preferences of your customers. Artificial intelligence tools will look at seemingly endless data to identify trends in customer behaviors, allowing them to know, for instance, that a consumer browsing your site at a particular time of day and from a particular neighborhood is most likely shopping for a crossover, and preferring the car over an SUV for its adaptability.

Analyzing dark data: One of the benefits of artificial intelligence taking a key role in your marketing strategy is its ability to analyze data that seems to be irrelevant, but is pivotal in helping detect trends in your dealership. Mining these otherwise lost pieces of information can give dealerships a competitive edge in their community as they demonstrate a superior understanding of customers visiting their site and their physical dealership.

Chat bots get conversational: Look for chat bots to become more integrated with customers’ online visits. Rather than simply answering questions about dealership hours or what promotions are happening, the chat bot will have a conversational style and offer insights and value to the customer interaction. When a customer is clicking between two models, it may offer to schedule a test drive of each of the cars, for instance.

Free up marketing personnel for more complex efforts: All of these artificial intelligence developments allow your marketing team to do more strategizing, brainstorming and engaging in more complex customer situations. Artificial intelligence offers a better return on investment for your marketing dollars and helps you convert more leads to sales.

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s getting better all the time. Expect to see new advancements streamlining your marketing efforts and helping you reach out to customers more effectively.


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