Auto Sales Training Tips Different For Selling to Female Buyers

auto sales training tips

Shopping for a new car can bring equal amounts of stress and excitement. Men and women process these emotions differently., a women’s research dealer group, says that women’s emotions make a drastic turn when there is money involved. As we know, an automobile will be most consumers’ second-biggest ticket item they’ll purchase in their lives, so the stakes are high. It’s important to implement auto sales training tips that can reach this target demographic.’s research found that women walk into the show room floor with a lack of confidence when they know they’re about to make a big purchase. The same lack of confidence is also a physiological response that can occur in males as well. Getting married, buying a home – all the big commitments in life come with a period of questioning and doubt. It can actually cause an adrenalin rush.

There is a difference in behaviors for people who are simply shopping compared to those who are intent on purchasing. To identify those variances, look for the following:

1. Women buyers, according to the research by, are less relaxed and more excited than shoppers who don’t intend to buy.

2. While buyers will feel less confused in the process, they are more intimidated and more nervous. In fact, the nervous factor is the one that spikes the most between buyers and shoppers.

So, the question is, how can we ease their minds while they’re on the lot? Try these auto sales training tips and see if you can improve their experience:

  • Be empathetic and sensitive and establish a sense of trust.
  • Make her feel empowered by taking her concerns seriously and acknowledging her buying power.
  • Don’t throw too much at her all at once – take a coffee break together or switch up the conversation when appropriate and natural.
  • Offer information you have about other female buyers, which will help her to relate to what you’re saying and make you more reputable and trustworthy.

There is a widely held belief that women are taken advantage of when they buy a car, meaning they pay more for the same vehicle than do men. Set the record straight on that from the get-go and let them know that you treat all buyers equally. Make sure you know exactly what their expectations are and that they can take their time. Offer a test drive for the vehicles they’re considering and offer them a vehicle history report if it’s a used model.

Women do not respond well to pushy or intimidating sales tactics. Let them feel free to express themselves fully. And remember, consumers write reviews a lot these days, so you want to strive to make that visit as pleasant as possible. What auto sales training tips do you follow when selling to different demographics?


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