Automation Tools That Work For Today’s Dealership Teams

marketing automation

Every industry has its unique way of approaching its marketing strategies. In fact, individual organizations within the same industry will respond differently to the question of “what are you doing to improve your marketing process?” Increasingly though, automation tools are entering into the conversation because they provide excellent results.

Testing the Automation Waters

Most vendors of automation tools for marketing offer free trials so their potential clients can test different options before making an informed decision. Have your team jump on these free trials and test as many as feasible to get to the right one. Come together and talk about the things you like and those that could use improvement. In the end, you’re going to make a decision that works for you and your team.

Make Sure It’s Robust

In this increasingly digitized environment, people have a number of options for communicating. Make sure your automation tools allow you to integrate these various channels, which could include email, texting, social media, fax and phone. They’re all important.

Your customers likely prefer a variety of channels, which is why you don’t want to come up short with your marketing strategy.

Managing Data

The core of your marketing strategy lies in your ability to process and manage data, which in most cases is contact information and analytics you use to determine the quality of leads and their place in the buy cycle. With integrated contact management, you’ll have a better grasp on how to personalize your communications.

There are a variety of tools involved with data management options, but most dealerships find they’re gaining ground by having contact management solutions that integrate with their DMS. This is a time saver and opens new doors of opportunities for further automation.

Controlling the Flow

When you have multiple staff members working toward the same marketing goal, you need to keep track of the workflow in a way that makes it easier for everyone to follow. Each team member should know exactly what their responsibilities are within every campaign, even if they’re on different lots.

Make sure your automation tools allow for seamless integration and that permissions are set for each specific employee. This will limit human error and keep your campaign on track. If you’re feeling the need for more accountability in your marketing campaigns, setting permissions will be a valuable tool.

What automation tools are you using to increase the effectiveness of your team?



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