Automobile Industry Trends Shaping the Future of Cars


New automobile industry trends are shaping the way cars are designed and how they’re purchased in ways that could dramatically change the landscape of the market. Here are a few you’ll want to watch:

Blockchain improves parts distribution: This cloud technology will make it easier to prevent black market parts and other problems. A system of checks and balances, all verified by cloud servers, will help you know exactly where your parts are coming from and that they’re never counterfeits.

Augmented reality aids repairs: It’s possible that you’ll soon consult an app before you pick up a wrench. Augmented reality will make it easy to see repairs and what needs attention before the hood is even popped. Expect to see a significant reduction in repair labor and in wait times for service.

3-D printing changes the lifespan of cars: One of the biggest automobile industry trends that will change the shape of the market is the implementation of 3-D printing. The use of 3-D printing will mean that components of a car’s body may be more easily replaced, and designs may support the purchase of a high-quality chassis, with the expectation that the body may change several times over the life of a car.

This means that a young couple that buys a minivan could someday be driving the same chassis, but with a body of a sporty convertible.

Autonomous vehicles will become everyday: While they are still being tested right now, you can expect that autonomous cars will become much more common. This could revolutionize driving, because instead of parking in a lot, your car would drop you off and then go to a different location to wait for you to work, shop or dine. Entertainment options and the ability to turn a car into a mobile office will become a dominant conversation in the car-buying process.

Security will be technologically complex: Cars will become increasingly digital, with intricate platforms for apps and a resulting increased complexity for security. Just like your smartphone or laptop, your car will be the target of hackers and viruses, so you’ll likely be selling not just a car, but a technology package that includes robust cyber-security.

Cars may be sold as shares, rather than an outright purchase: The popularity of ride- and car-sharing services are cultivating the idea that consumers may not need to own a car. While some situations will still make ownership ideal, there are instances where car-sharing might make sense, like for college students or businesspeople that travel a certain percentage of the time.

Automobile industry trends are at a crossroads right now, with technology introducing concepts that could change the way people think about driving and car ownership. Expect that, even if only a few of these trends take root, your industry could see a lot of change over the next decade.


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