Automotive Design: The Future of Exterior and Technology Innovation

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According to U.S. News and World Report, the most popular cars for families include the Kia Soul, Chevy Malibu hybrid, Kia Cadenza, the Cadillac CT6 and CTS and the Subaru Outback. They all have something in common – their automotive design that comfortably fits a family of four. Some are sportier than others and some are more practical in their design, but they all appeal to a wide audience. Is this the trend for the car of the future?

It’s not only about comfort. It’s also about finding efficiencies, which is why the current design trend is to reduce curb weight while focusing on a wider, longer and lower body that can improve aerodynamics.

Diesel Hybrids and Electric Cars

Engineers are still trying to improve battery capacity on electric cars, which is why hybrids outsell electric cars. By 2035, all car sales in Europe will be electric, so there is still time left for manufacturers to make those improvements.

There appears to be more interest among manufacturers toward a combination diesel hybrid and plug-in electric. Subaru and Volvo are both dreaming up this model of a multiple energy-sourced vehicle. And it’s not just the traditional diesel that they’re talking about – they’re also looking into algae biodiesel as a fuel source.

Improving the View

Now that engineers have improved the technology in the glass used for automobiles, the prospect of a panoramic roof is all the rage. We can thank the mobile phone and tablet computer industries for that. High-impact plastics and glass will become a more common feature in automobiles; so get ready for more of your visitors to your dealership to ask you questions about that.

Double Up

If you’ve seen the all-electric BMWi3 cruising around town, you might have noticed that it has swing-out double doors. The people behind the Honda Element have also embraced this design.

The reason this could be a trend for cars in the future is that it allows for the design to remain compact, yet still has the functionality of a four-door vehicle. You can expect to see more cars on your lot with this design by 2020.

High-Output Lighting

For consumers who love that aggressive lighting design in sports car headlights, they’re going to like the LED trend that offers a lot of output and an aggressive design style. For the increasingly electric and hybrid trend, saving battery life by using more efficient lighting is a must.

As the design ideas continue to evolve, keep up with these trends so you’ll be able to answer the questions coming from car buyers of the future.


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