The Biggest Trends Impacting Car Dealer Marketing

car dealer marketing

While customers used to visit dealerships several times before making a purchase, the wealth of online information allows customers to research various cars and then decide before setting foot on your lot. This change in the buying process means that your car dealer marketing also needs some adjustments to match the new reality.

Technology is making it much easier to research and buy a car, but it’s also making it easier for you to sell them—if you know the right strategies. Successful car dealer marketing requires you to understand the latest trends, separate out the ones that will deliver true growth and then refine your efforts:

Invest in video. Over the past year, new tools like Facebook live video have helped video take off, and consumers appreciate the ability to receive a lot of information in a short period of time. Get creative with video and use it to give your audience the experience of your brand and cars, whether it’s a video of a test drive or showcasing a crazy sales contest you’re having among your team. If the sales rep in second place on a sales contest must wear a banana costume for a full week, don’t let that visual gold go to waste.

You can also capture some fun at your dealership with live video, such as during a holiday party or showing the behind-the-scenes environment at your dealership. Just be prepared with an escape hatch of sorts, because it is live, and anything can and will happen.

Let analytics be your guide. The increase in online research and shopping means that you know more about your customers, which can positively impact car dealer marketing. Use this to provide value to your existing customers and to potential leads by offering personalized content. This can take many different forms, for instance, you can invite a customer that just purchased an SUV the opportunity to participate in an Instagram contest that documents off-road adventures. Another example is providing a blog detailing a few maintenance tips for winter to past customers.

Employ a few chatbots. Chatbots are starting to take off, providing a way to handle routine and simple questions from customers, such as dealership hours, promotion details or scheduling a test drive. This frees up your sales reps and customer service team to handle the negotiation of a sale or more complex customer inquiries.

Customers are embracing a different model of decision-making when it comes to buying a car, so your car dealer marketing has to be ready to shift with them. Embracing the best new trends can help you capture more of your local market and increase your sales revenue.



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