Blockchain Paves the Way for Trending Technology in the Auto Industry

Trending Tech

When you watched the Jetsons as a kid, you probably wondered if you’d ever see that kind of convenience and ease in your lifetime. From a conveyor belt shower-and-dressing machine to a phone on your wristwatch, some of it seemed a little far-fetched. Now that trending technology has flying cars on the horizon and smartwatches are already in widespread use, the Jetsons are looking pretty prophetic.

Blockchain makes flying cars a possibility: Disruptive technology is hitting the Internet that makes flying cars a feasible concept. Blockchain is a trending technology that can support the development and launching of a fleet of flying cars.

Some of the key concerns about both flying cars and autonomous, driverless cars is the level of technology required to operate these vehicles, and the risk that the technology will be hacked. In an era where everyone’s data is being routinely hacked, it’s hard to imagine trusting your life to a computerized car relying on secure data to keep you safe.

What blockchain offers is a lock-step model for handling data transactions. Each block of information on a blockchain contains all the edits that occurred before it, and it cannot be copied. It’s also end-to-end encrypted, so it provides some peace of mind to future operators of these kinds of vehicles.

Preparing the infrastructure: It can be difficult to imagine cars lifting straight off their driveways in the suburbs to zoom onto an invisible highway, or to figure out where they might land in a busy urban area. It may be possible to utilize the landing pads that helicopters use, which sit empty most of the time.

It’s also why ride-sharing or taxi services may be the first to utilize flying cars. Most people won’t be ready with a landing pad on their roofs, or have an employer that has one at the ready, but a service like Uber might be able to identify locations ideal for landing pads that would be convenient for their customers.

Another way that blockchain is a trending technology that supports the advance of the flying car is through smart contracts that support the functions of a car service. Smart contracts allow payment to occur only after certain qualifications have been met, and they can be an easy way for ride service customers to pay for their flying chauffeur.

Blockchain is a trending technology that will impact many areas of life and make it safer to engage in online commerce without getting hacked. It also has important implications for the auto industry and whether we’ll soon be on the alert for a loose hubcap falling from overhead.


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