Boost Auto Sales Leads With These 3 Tips for Connecting With Consumers


Just like every other auto sales team out there, you’re trying to get the attention of your potential buyers and convert their interest into sales. How can you do it, with so much online noise competing for business?

The simple answer is differentiation. You have to create a unique space for yourself in the market that demonstrates how you’re different and what that means in terms of value for your customers. First, though, you have to connect with your audience to let them know just how different you are. Here are three ways to boost auto sales by engaging with your target audience:

Give them what they want…for a price. People get weary of clearing out spam and junk mail, so when you ask for their email address, they freeze up. They want to know why you need it and whether you’ll sell it, or they may simply click away from your website and go look elsewhere.

Instead, communicate the value of gaining their email address by offering something fun and valuable in exchange. Try giving them access to a video of a driver on an obstacle course that was filmed on your lot, or clips of the pie eating contest from your last company picnic. You know their email address is valuable, so don’t expect to get it for free.

Make it ridiculously convenient to interact with you. If you’re not offering a way for your website visitors to join your site through their Facebook account or giving them a convenient financing link on your site, you may lose business. Consumers are familiar with all the ways companies go out of their way to make buying easy and if you’re not offering them, they’ll click away from your site.

Focus (a lot) of attention on social media marketing. Whether you’re personally into it or not, this is where a lot of the conversation is happening. So if you’re running a promotion or you have some exciting models coming onto your lot, be sure to promote it on social media. Post consistently, and include some employee spotlights and other ways to boost auto sales simply by being friendly and personable.

Your dealership has a unique personality, and your auto sales depend on people knowing about that personality! Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Engage them with social media postings and keep them on your site with convenient and valuable ways to connect with you.