Breathe New Life Into Your Automotive Lead Generation Efforts


When it comes to automotive lead generation, do you find a combination of strategies that work, then stick with them? For far too long? While it’s great to hit on a tip or trick that gives your sales a bump and seems to be a reliable way to convert customers, you may get stuck in a rut and not realize when it stops being effective.

Automotive lead generation tools are always in flux, with new technologies and new marketing insights changing the recipe for the best combination of behaviors that result in increased sales. There are several changing trends that you might want to implement:

Offer valuable content in exchange for contact information. If you want to grow your reach with your eNewsletter, you will want to offer definitive content that answers a specific question or solves a problem. Visitors to your website should be able to access special content in exchange for their email address, which provides you a way to reach out to them and nurture the lead.

Make sure your mobile site is user-friendly. Much of your customers’ buying process is done online and the percentage of online activity that happens on a smartphone is increasing all the time. If you’re not prioritizing mobile technology, you will want to make that a top priority. You will miss opportunities if your mobile site has tiny text, images that crowd out menus or a slow loading time.

Get familiar with search engine optimization (SEO). Creating content that supports SEO is one of the best ways to improve your web traffic. Posting a regular blog, infographic or video series that contains keywords central to the automotive business is a great way to make sure potential customers find you easily when they do an Internet search. It also gives you great content to post on social media and engage your target audience.

Make your website conversion-friendly. Your website should have an easy and convenient way for your visitors to take a step forward in the buying process. Have easy-to-find online forms where your website visitors can provide contact information and indicate what kinds of vehicles they are browsing.

Encourage your customers to share their experience. Posting a thank you shout-out on Facebook with a picture of your customer with their new car is a great way to provide an easily shareable post that they can then include on their own Facebook page. It’s a great way to increase the awareness of your brand with a word-of-mouth element to it.

Resources for automotive lead generation are constantly changing. While traditional marketing methods may work well for your particular dealership, be sure to include some new elements to make sure you are hitting every member of your target audience.


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