Business Development Center Best Practices That Can Lead to Increased Sales


Your business development center is critical for driving sales, but like all departments, it can be easy to get caught up in habits that aren’t helping you meet your sales objectives. Developing a set of business development best practices is an effective way to get your team focused on the same behaviors that lead to success.

Much like any sales team puts into regular rotation those behaviors that predictably lead to a closed sale, you need business development center best practices to ensure that you are engaging in behaviors that nurture leads and help increase sales. Here are several that you can implement for improved results:

The daily huddle: This is a quick, casual meeting, often conducted standing rather than sitting around a table, where you run through daily goals and reminders. It is a time-saving ritual that helps the team stay focused on the goals you’re working toward and what their role is in achieving them. You can also have your business development representatives meet with team leaders or managers on a regular basis for more in-depth conversations about performance.

Take a turn: Business development managers or team leaders should each take a turn around the room at intervals throughout the day. Hover around phone conversations to see if there’s an opportunity to take over a call or load your business development representative with additional information or tools.

Expect a yes: Train your business development representatives to anticipate a yes by the way they ask their questions. Instead of asking, for instance, whether a potential customer can come by the dealership, find out whether they prefer to come in during the afternoon or evening. Assume that, of course, they want to come in, it’s just a matter of when.

Implement off hour appointment setting: When you schedule an appointment, be sure to choose 15 minutes before or after the half-hour points. An appointment scheduled at 2:15 is more memorable than one set for 2:00, so you’ll be more likely to see your customer if you schedule them away from the half-hour points.

Monitor with mirrors: It’s a good idea to mount a mirror in the room across the desk from your business development representative. They can see their own body language and facial expressions, and will even be more aware of the tone and volume of their voice if they can see themselves during a call.

Choosing to implement business development center best practices is an important step toward maximizing the impact your center has on your sales goals. Try a few of those listed above to see if your dealership experiences a bump in sales.


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