Is Your Business Development Center Helping You to Grow Your Automotive Business?

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Creating customer loyalty is key to your automotive business because it’s much more economical than trying to compete for new customers for every sale. The problem for many dealerships is creating an atmosphere that establishes that loyalty. One way to achieve this goal is through quality service.

Over the last several years, service departments have been generating the most inbound calls. It’s usually from existing customers who want to schedule routine maintenance on their cars and trucks to prolong the life of the vehicle and optimize operation. Service departments are upping their game to provide a positive experience that will keep clients coming back, which has prompted a rise of the business development center (BDC).


In the traditional sense, a BDC consists of a person who excels in customer service, as well as a dealership manager, both of whom will establish best practices and serve as the point of contact for clients. Essentially, they become the face of the dealership because they’re the ones responsible for that first point of contact. Of course, in larger operations, the BDC can consist of several people.

Even though the BDC is where all the appointment setting tasks for inbound and outbound contact with clients will take place, you shouldn’t consider the BDC a receptionist position. They’re not taking calls and passing the call on to another person within the dealership. Their job is to actually get clients to come in and make an appointment. This is important because far too many service advisors don’t ask the client for an appointment, and they’re missing out on business because of it. Train your service advisors to make follow up appointments.

The Task List

It is important for your BDC professionals to be able to answer all the questions the client or prospective client might have and try to set appointments for services by presenting clients with value statements (reasons why it will benefit them to come in). They will keep track of parts inventory and order new parts when required. The BDC will also perform outbound calls to confirm appointments.

Consumers appreciate when they receive a follow-up call from the dealership with inquiries about how their vehicle is running and if they got everything they needed. This proves that the dealership cares about the quality of services rendered and goes a long way in establishing customer loyalty.

Get to know what it is your customers want and you will increase the number of loyal customers who continue to come back to your dealership.



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