How Can You Reach More Customers With Your Digital Marketing?

digital marketing

Your customers are coming to you from multiple places. They might have seen your lot because they drive by it all the time, or they might have been alerted to it through your website after doing a Google search. One thing is certain – dealerships that up their digital marketing game are getting noticed more often.

Consumers today put a lot of research in their car-buying efforts. The buy cycle is often long as they use multiple platforms to find out as much as they can about various automobiles, financing and insurance, which means improving your digital marketing approach can be quite complex. How can you reach more shoppers online through digital marketing?

1. Know Your Audience
Are you spending a great deal of your marketing budget trying to convert consumers who aren’t knowledgeable about your brand? Creating new business is expensive, yet focusing on those who are already familiar with your brand costs less and often has better results.

When you cast a wide net, you’re going to find people who have no interest in your services because they just aren’t ready to make a big purchase. You need to look closely at your data on your current leads and build a digital marketing strategy that speaks to them.

2. Expand Your Thinking
Are you currently focusing your digital marketing efforts based on local consumers? Not all of your potential customers are going to be the ones in your immediate region.

What does your data say about what you sell and where your potential customers live? Demographics that fit specific ZIP codes can often be a good indicator of where you should be casting that marketing net. We’re talking about age, buying history, education level, income, etc. If you are selling high-end cars, focus on areas that have buyers that would purchase in this category.

3. Engage and Close the Deal
How many people who visit your site actually fill out the lead form? If yours is like most auto dealers’ websites, you’re only capturing about one percent. You need to motivate consumers to get deeper into the buy cycle so that you’ll have a better chance at closing the deal.

This might entail engaging in what’s known as remarketing and retargeting tactics. If you know that a consumer is somewhat invested in a particular model with specific add-ons, you can “retarget” them with an ad that speaks to their desires.

What are you doing to engage your customers as they cruise the digital highway?


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