Car Dealer Marketing Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction

car dealer marketing

It’s widely reported that car buyers do a lot of research on vehicles before they show up on your lot to take buying a car to the next level. However, did you know that your interaction with them is one of the key areas that leads to sales satisfaction? Car dealer marketing trends are leaning toward improving this part of the process.

One of the reasons this interaction is so important today has to do with how the vehicles themselves have evolved. Technology is changing so fast, it’s tough for the average consumer to keep up with it, which is why they’re coming to you. Yes, there exist numerous online resources, but many car buyers prefer face-to-face learning opportunities.

According to Auto Remarketing, 65 percent of consumers who had help from a sales person said it was “very effective” in helping them learn more about vehicle-related technology. Roughly 41 percent of buyers say they want to hear from the sales professionals about all the features and controls as the vehicle is being delivered to them.

As car dealers, we have to recognize where we have control and where we don’t have control. For instance, you can’t control how a customer performs their pre-purchase research. You can build up your website and content to cater to your target audience, but you should also be prepared to bring to the table a positive, impactful and influential interaction with buyers when they hit your lot.

That communication can continue via emails, text messages and/or phone calls after they’ve left your dealership. Not enough dealerships are doing this, according to a study by J.D. Power, which found that 32 percent of mass-market buyers are getting that follow-up communication from dealers.

According to the study, they measure buyer satisfaction by looking at dealer personnel, delivery process, how the deal is worked out, paperwork completion, the dealership facility and website. Non-buying interactions are also measured. The sales person, the price, the experience they had negotiating, the variety of inventory and the dealership facility are considered when measuring “rejector satisfaction” levels.

There is a lot of talk about car dealer marketing that is pointed toward various marketing automation technologies, but the communication you have with your target audience in the traditional, face-to-face scenario, is obviously still vitally important. That’s not to say that marketing automation tools aren’t valid, but the traditional methods are still a valuable part of a marketing strategy for your dealership.


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