Car Marketing for a New Generation of Drivers

car marketing

Car marketing has changed a lot in recent decades, with digital marketing taking a more central role in how dealerships connect with their target audience. As Generation Z takes over more of the share of buyers, dealerships will adapt and adjust their digital strategies.

Generation Z includes buyers ages 22 and under, so while this represents only a small age bracket of drivers at the moment, this group is expected to make up 40 percent of consumers by the year 2020. Save your shock at that statistic for later; right now, it’s time to talk about how to reach that audience to grow your dealership’s sales.

While everyone from Baby Boomers to Generation X and Millennials are accessing social media and using it to connect with brands, each generation has certain tendencies that affect how they use the platforms. Take a look at some of the distinguishing features of Generation Z that may impact how car marketing should work for your dealership:

Generation Z uses micro-interactions. How often do you check social media: once a week, once a day, or maybe multiple times a day? For Generation Z, checking social media is interspersed throughout their days, with some checking their accounts up to 100 times a day. Their interactions are quick touches, also known as micro-interactions, that last only a few seconds.

Generation Z cares about your values. If you raise money every year for a local homeless shelter, or you regularly donate a car to refugee support groups, it may be a connection point between your dealership and Generation Z consumers. Generation Z wants to align themselves with brands that share their passions, so a Generation Z that serves up soup at the homeless shelter might favor your brand if this is the service project your dealership embraces.

Authenticity is a big deal. More than paid models or actors, Generation Z wants to see their peers in your car marketing. Embracing user-generation content ideas, like Instagram contests or testimonials, can be a powerful way to connect with this segment of your target market.

Connecting with different age groups often requires a nuanced approach to car marketing. While every generation is currently engaged with social media, digital marketing will likely take more and more of your attention as you look for ways to market to Generation Z.


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