Car News: Professional Race Car Drivers and Their Everyday Drives

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Professional race car drivers have intensely fast reaction times. For instance, Lewis Hamilton, winner of four Formula One world titles, has a reaction time of around 200 milliseconds, which is one-fifth of a second. You can click here to test your reaction time, but it likely won’t make car news today.

While professional racers are multi-talented behind the wheel, many of them also have a talent for choosing some of the greatest street-legal automobiles available today for their personal use off the track.

While Hamilton’s race vehicles are Mercedes branded, he’s known to make car news by driving around in a McLaren P1, which has a sticker price of more than $1 million. He’s also been seen in a 2015 LaFerrari and a Pagani Zonda 760 LH. One car that anyone would love to take a seat in is also in Hamilton’s garage – a 1966 427 Shelby Cobra. The need for speed is definitely strong for him.

Here are what some of the other household names in professional racing have in their garages:

  • Danica Patrick, the first woman to win an Indy car race as well as a NASCAR race, owns a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mercedes ML63 AMG.
  • British Formula One driver Jenson Button owns a 1978 Ferrari 512BB, a Mercedes C63 AMG, and to keep it classy, a 1970 VW Type 2 camper.
  • Seven-time Formula One world champion Michael Schumacher is said to have in his garage a Ferrari FXX and an original Fiat 500.
  • Indy and NASCAR driver Tony Stewart has a quirky vehicle in his fleet – a 1984 Cadillac hearse.
  • It should come as no surprise that NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Jr. owns good old boy muscle cars – a 1967 and a 1972 Camaro.
  • Proving that even the most talented racecar drivers need a grocery-getter, Jeff Gordon has a Chevy Tahoe (hybrid).

Max Verstappen, a fresh face on the Formula One circuit, but a favorite in car news today, has one F1 win under his belt. He’s not even reached his 21 birthday but is expected to be a world champion when he matures into the sport. Despite being new, he’s already amassed enough money to zip around in a $400,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

It wasn’t long ago that Sebastian Vettel’s name was synonymous with Formula One as he ranked in the top 10 of the sport’s greatest drivers. In fact, he’s still in the running to be a top contender. When he’s not hitting insane speeds on the track, he’s driving his Ferrari California T. He’s also been known to cruise around in his Ferrari F-430.

What sports cars are your favorite to ride in?