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Lyft May Soon be Sending Patrons Autonomous Cars

Lyft is having quite a year. While the name Uber has become synonymous with legal battles and leadership issues, Lyft is gaining regarding market...
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Autonomous Cars – Are You Ready for the Future of Automobiles?

A debate exists regarding autonomous vehicles. There is a faction that associates them with ride-sharing, which isn’t exactly welcomed news for dealerships. There is...
autonomous cars

Autonomous Cars: Is the Technology There Yet?

If you’re like many car dealers, you’ve likely been fielding inquiries from consumers about autonomous cars. Call them automated vehicles, robocars, self-driving automobiles or...
autonomous cars

Are Autonomous Cars Coming to a Racetrack Near You?

It’s an exciting time to be part of the auto industry as autonomous cars are increasingly making their way out of the “what if”...

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