Common Mistakes Dealerships Make on Their Website That Have a Negative Impact on Lead Generation

lead generation

Your website should be the hub of the marketing plan for your dealership, working hard to convert leads. The problem is that many dealerships fall into some of the more common marketing mistakes that don’t do anything to move the lead along or they frustrate the individual and they leave to go check out someone else’s site. Lead generation and nurturing should be two core functions of your website design.

Take a look at a few of the more common ways you can turn a perfectly good lead away from your website:

Your landing pages don’t meet expectations. Think of your landing page as an answer to a lead’s question. For instance, if they fill out a survey about the kinds of features they prefer on a car, and the results indicate that a particular crossover is the ideal match, with a “find out more” button to click, make sure they end up on a landing page that features that crossover when they click the button.

Your landing pages need to be up-to-date and in good working order. You’ll discourage your lead generation efforts if your visitors are receiving a 404-error message or getting to a page that loads so slowly that they give up.

You’re treating a car purchase like they’re buying a pack of gum. When a lead visits your website, are you pummeling them with an invitation to make a purchase as soon as they land there? Introducing opportunities to buy too soon can make your lead feel that you don’t understand the complexity of the considerations they need to work through before they buy a vehicle. Instead, offer valuable resources and information, with calls to action to lead them to the next step. Maybe they’d like to chat online to get a few questions answered or come in for a test drive as a next step.

When it comes to your trustworthiness, you lay it on too thick. When it comes to satisfaction guaranteed or that customers can trust your dealership, it’s fine to say it, but don’t overdo it. Consumers are wary of any company that promises too much in the way of honesty or fair practices because scams are laced with this kind of language. Instead, practice these traits, and you’ll build a reputation naturally.

You hit them with a little guilt. When a visitor goes to leave your page, simply assume they’re coming back. Don’t include a pop-up that says “Sorry to see you go,” or, “Are you sure you don’t want to save money on a car today?” These cheap shots at lead generation will turn your visitors away.

When it comes to lead generation, your website is a powerhouse of opportunities to improve your visitor’s experience. Watch out for these common pitfalls that can turn a perfectly good lead over to the competition.



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