A Dealership Marketing Idea That Brings Customers Back For Fun

dealership marketing

A central goal for many dealerships involves keeping customers over the long haul and cultivating a relationship that keeps them coming back for future cars and service needs. There are a lot of techniques involving dealership marketing that can help with this goal, like sending out coupons for services or providing content specific to their car purchase.

If you want to keep your customers coming back to the dealership, throw some fun in the mix. An old-fashioned road rally offers a great way to build relationships and provide something of value to your customers. Here’s what you need to get started on your own road rally:

Have a great location. Your customers will motor from your dealership to another site, but make it a place that may be new to them or offers an unusual outing. Consider a vineyard, a scenic overlook or even a pumpkin patch in the fall. Evaluate your goals for dealership marketing and which of your customers you’d most like to include on your road rally.

Serve a delicious lunch. You can go with a theme, based on your road rally’s destination, or simply serve an impressive, high-quality meal. You want your customers to remember their experience and talk about it to their friends, so keep this in mind when you plan your menu.

Send out invitations. Once word gets out about your road rallies, you’ll be turning customers away. So establish your guidelines for who gets to attend, and then send out an email invite or get formal with a mailed invitation. You’ll be surprised how quickly your road rally fills up with enthusiastic drivers.

Include a friend or two. Encourage your road rally participants to bring a friend along for the ride. This gives you a chance to reach out to some new potential clients and leave them with a great impression of your dealership.

Line up the necessary chaperones. Having a police escort keeps your road rally fun and safe. Be sure to set some rules in place, like no passing or unscheduled stops.

Make it fun. Take pictures of your group at each road rally to post on social media, and consider passing out t-shirts, souvenir cups and magnets and other promotional items to get your community buzzing about your road rallies.

Having a road rally is a creative way to enhance your dealership marketing, but also extend some appreciation to your customers in a fun way that builds relationships. This event will gain popularity so fast, you’ll soon be turning customers away from your legendary road rally!


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