Digital Marketing: Steps to Developing Trust and Improving Sales

digital marketing

Proving your company is a valid brand is now the focus of many marketers, which is why digital marketing is such an integral part of generating leads for your dealership and selling vehicles today.

How can you boost sales with your digital marketing efforts?  Here are a few tips as you put together your strategy for this year:

Be Customer-Centric

This is no longer just a marketing catch phrase – it’s the real deal, which means you have to be relatable to your potential buyers. You have to prove to them that you know what they need, what they want and where they’re most likely to find your content.

Engage with the consumer by being personable and using a variety of channels to reach them. Obviously, your website is a crucial piece of the puzzle, but you can step up the way you make your dealership relatable by using social media in a conversational way.

Your website and your social media channels should include an “about us” area that lets them know what you do, your philosophy on the industry and how important it is for you to take care of your clients. Also, have you thought about shooting video to include in your “about us” page? That is a personal touch that goes a long way with many consumers.

Delicate Design

If your digital marketing materials look like they were made on Microsoft Paint, it is time for an update. While that example is a bit of an exaggeration, many dealerships are relying on a year’s old design on their websites, which means it’s probably not optimized for mobile.

Preferences in design change frequently, which is why it’s important to constantly evaluate your website and make sure your designer is up on the latest consumer trends and preferences.

Consumers Have the Power

Consumers today have the keys to many things they didn’t have before, including information about financing and what trade-ins are worth. All they have to do is open a web browser and start searching. This means your dealers must be fully transparent.

Being anything less than forthcoming about what a consumer can or cannot do will cost you business, because they have the power now. Instead, do everything you can to develop trust with your digital marketing outreach. This will not only help you sell a car, you’ll develop a sense of brand loyalty in the buyer and see returned business as a result.


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