Digital Marketing Trends for the New Year

digital marketing

It has been estimated that by the year 2020, organizations will spend more than $113 billion on digital advertising, which is twice the amount spent now. Your auto dealership is likely well versed in digital marketing, but will you follow suit with the trend to boost your spending for this valuable tool?

Engaging in Social Communication

How are you currently using your social media platforms? The organizations finding the most success are buying ads, but they’re also reaching out to their potential clients on a personal level. They’re engaging them socially with messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger.

However, it’s not just the social media apps that are dominating the landscape of digital marketing – email is still a huge hit for engaging consumers.

Video Highlights

Are you one of the 50-plus percent of people who believe in using video in digital marketing efforts for a better return on investment? You should be, because consumers are increasingly engaging with video marketing, as this is an easy and efficient way to educate themselves on the vehicles that interest them most.

In fact, the biggest social media organizations like Facebook and Instagram are “embarking on a huge competition for video content,” according to a Digital Marketing Institute article.

Getting Personal

Consumers are demanding more personalized interactions when they interact with a brand. Many marketers in an array of industries are counting on bigger profits as a result of more personalization efforts. While the apparel, financial services and technology industries stand to gain the most out of this personalization effort, it can also be effective for car dealers.

Consumers don’t want to feel like a number. According to the State of the Connected Customer report, 61 percent of consumers say technology is changing their behavior in terms of how they interact with brands. Roughly 66 percent said they’d jump to a different brand if they feel like they’re just a number. This is something that car dealers can take to heart due to the fact that there is a great opportunity for interpersonal interaction with consumers.

Mobile Friendly

Digital marketing must have a focus on optimizing the company website to be highly functional on smartphones. New consumer behavior data from Google shows that 96 percent of smartphone users reach for their mobile device when they have a question about something they intend to buy.

While impulse purchases aren’t common with consumers and vehicles, you know that when they reach your lot, they’re quite educated on what they want, and hopefully, your website has a hand in that.


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