Embracing Technology at Your Auto Dealership

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Virtual reality (VR) technology is seeing a spike in interest as the tools used in creating virtual worlds continue to improve. How can your auto dealership make use of VR today?

Not only can VR help improve sales, your auto dealership can also utilize VR tools to train your sales staff, demo vehicles and improve the education efforts of finance and insurance professionals within your organization.

It’s All About Accessories

You can run down a checklist of various accessories as you’re making a sale, but if the buyer has no reference point for what you’re asking, they aren’t going to know if that accessory will benefit them. However, if you bring VR into the mix, you’re jumping on to a presentation platform that helps the consumer visualize exactly what you’re talking about.

All they have to do is strap on the headset and get a tour of what they’re potentially missing out on. The decision-making process can get a little confusing when making a car purchase, so it’s great that VR is helping buyers to make the right decisions for themselves.

A New Approach to Training

What if you had the ability to train your employees on a product before it even hit the market? That’s what your auto dealerships can do today with VR technology.

Instead of having your employees jump on a computer and run through a long list of web-based training classes, you can utilize VR tools that put them in touch with the latest and greatest updated cars and OEM accessories. You’re basically bringing components to life, animating them so your people can really have an experience. Everyone’s best guess is that this will be standard training procedure in the very near future.

A Near-Real Life Demo

There will always be a place for a real-life test drive, but with VR, consumers are definitely going to change the way they shop for cars. The Internet definitely has had a huge impact on the way people shop, but VR will affect shopping trends even more, putting consumers in the driver’s seat.

The current youngest generation of car buyers is moving away from the interactive buying experience and into the immersive experience, and that’s where VR shines. The buyer can take a seat in the car, play around with the controls, and do this time and again with a variety of different vehicles while never getting out of their seat.

Are you currently using VR in your auto dealership? If not, when do you foresee taking advantage of this technology?


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