How Your Favorite Team Can Help Your Auto Dealership Grow

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Do you have a successful sports franchise in your area? You can use the fervor that fanatics thrive off of in your region and create an event for them. As an auto dealership, you are likely looking to create a buzz about what’s going on with your lot, so use an existing buzz to piggyback on and watch your sales numbers climb.

If you’re in a part of the country that is currently experiencing a dip in temperatures and more inclement weather, just remember that thousands of football fans get out and tailgate for home games, regardless of the elements, so it’s not too late to schedule an event at your auto dealership.

But what can you learn about the actual game that you can apply to your dealerships? Are there sporting philosophies that hold true for businesses as well as competitive athletic teams?

Putting in the Work

Let’s take Major League Soccer as an example. There are two 45-minute halves with a 15-minute halftime break. It’s not unusual for only two or three goals to be scored during the course of a game. Soccer players run an average of seven miles per game. That’s a lot of running for so few goals, but it’s certainly worth it when it happens, which you know if you’ve ever experienced pandemonium in the stadium when the home team scores.

So, how does that relate to your auto dealership? If you think about all the work that goes into an auto sale, you know that you’re kind of running those seven miles before you get to celebrate. You put in the work to market your lot, attract the right consumer, nurture your leads, and when everything goes right, you get your sale. Encourage your sales team to stay the course in all of these areas to experience the reward at the end.

It’s a Team Effort

Sports teams have their star players through the course of a season or a career, just like you’re going to have top performers at your auto dealership. However, any successful team has an ethos of working together as one to accomplish a goal. It begins with your website. You have to give your web developer the right information to continually update it as that’s usually the first point of contact for your buyers.

Also, you can’t discount the first person your customers interact with when they come to your showroom. Your receptionist needs to make a crucial first impression. That line of thinking goes all the way up to your general manager who gives everyone underneath him or her the tools they need to succeed.

And don’t forget – every day is a day that you could come out the big winner. You might go through a number of sales cycles in a typical year, but just remember that every new day offers a possibility to make positive strides forward.


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