Generate Word of Mouth Marketing for Your Auto Sales Leads

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Getting people to talk about your dealership is the original marketing tool out there. When it comes to generating auto sales leads, you can’t beat the power of having a few brand advocates that talk about their positive experience at your dealership and encourage their friends and family to go there.

Today’s consumers love to browse reviews and features, but nothing is more powerful than the stories they hear from loved ones about their experiences. How can you get your customers talking about your dealership?

Build loyalty before the sale. It used to be that you earned a loyal customer after they’d purchased a couple of times from you, but your goal is to build the kind of relationship that prioritizes the relationship before the sale. This means providing engaging, helpful content that adds value, such as an infographic about getting a car ready for winter, or a few tips on how to detail a car at home with materials people already have in their pantry.

These kinds of content provide a service to your audience, and they’ll pass them along on social media or email them to friends, spreading the word about your dealership. If you’re already their go-to source for car-related information, they’ll head to your website first when it’s time to shop for a car.

Make it an experience. Think beyond the simple “Yes, I’d like a quote on a car” contact form on your website. Make the fields zoom by like a sports car as they’re completed, or use a “what’s your ideal road trip” quiz to engage visitors before offering their results in exchange for contact info. Make it fun, and make it easy to share on social media. People love a personalized experience, so find ways to incorporate it into your contact forms.

Talk about your customers on social media. At the bare minimum, you should be posting a picture of every customer with their beautiful new car and sharing it on Facebook or Instagram. Include a caption that welcomes them to your dealership family. You’ll likely see the customer share that picture to show off their new car, giving you an immediate endorsement with dozens, or maybe even hundreds, of friends seeing your customer’s great experience.

Offer a referral program for auto sales leads. If a customer refers a friend, give them a gas card or a free oil change in your service department. Publicize this perk on social media and when you close a sale.

Generating auto sales leads can come naturally when you’re encouraging word of mouth marketing. Get your customers talking with these simple steps to building brand loyalty and offering a few perks and some fun along the way.


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