The Growing Impact of Data on the Auto Industry

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Big Data has impacted every type of product on the market, and the auto industry is no exception. In fact, other than activities that happen directly on a computer or device, automobiles may represent the product in which consumers will most strongly feel the impact of data on their driving experience, and as a result, their everyday lives.

As technology for autonomous driving develops, so does the potential for a lot of data. Drivers may become idle passengers, but they’ll be producing reams of data for analysis before they turn off their own block. What is now a trickle will become a flood of information related to anything from preferred radio stations to the optimal speed for gas mileage.

Here are some of the trends impacting the auto industry in the area of data compilation, analysis and storage:

A flood of information: The wealth of data that will flood from cars will provide critical data for understanding traffic accidents and optimal driving conditions. While some of the data will be important for safety and cost-savings for drivers, the side effect is that there will be a lot of data that simply needs to be stored for spotting trends or in case of future needs. Effective data storage will be a key concern in the future for carmakers.

Developing necessary skills: While carmakers have a high level of technical skill in their human resources, there is a gap when it comes to data collection and analysis. There will need to be cooperation between Silicon Valley and Detroit in order to create cars that are both mechanically sound and optimally technical.

Next stages in driving data: Cars are beginning to have technology that provides practical safety help to drivers. From alerting them of heavy rain up ahead to telling a driver exactly where black ice is based on the traction control that a car ahead engaged, cars can have safety features that offer better protection and convenience.

Benefits for drivers: Rather than simply providing data, drivers will be the beneficiaries of information fed into databases. Future perks could include the ability to play a video of an epic road trip on a historic road or pre-program ideal driving conditions.

The impact of Big Data on the auto industry cannot be overestimated. The critical decisions that must be made about cooperation with tech giants and data storage will shape the driver’s experience and whether their reception of data’s impact will be positive.


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