How Will Call Center Trends Affect Your Automotive Business?


As you know, there’s a flood of technology affecting the way cars are designed. From artificial intelligence to traveling assistants, cars are equipped with new capabilities that are changing the way cars are evaluated for purchase. The same is true for lead generation. Technology is creating new call center trends that will impact the ways you reach out to potential customers for your automotive business.

Just like drivers are getting assistance with the always-tricky parallel parking maneuver, call center trends are shifting to agents receiving assistance from artificial intelligence. Here are a few of the changes affecting how your automotive business will develop leads in the future:

More cloud technology: As agents increasingly value the ability to work remotely, companies need a way to ensure a seamless customer experience and the ability for their team members to collaborate freely on converting a customer. As a result, there’s a heightened investment in cloud software that allows remote agents to work anytime, anywhere.

Artificial assistance: Many companies are employing the use of artificial intelligence in their call centers, allowing bots to handle the introductory questions that help them match a customer with the right agent. Computers can increasingly handle questions that involve a person’s name, address, reason for their call and a variety of other straightforward questions. Expect call center trends to change again as machine learning influences these interactions and increasingly complicated conversations can be handled by a computer.

Social media conversations: Posting an informative blog or sharing a top-quality video you hope will go viral, are only part of a comprehensive approach you can take to reaching out to consumers. Customers are also looking for a personal connection with the companies they patronize, so expect to get involved in some conversations online. Be sure to answer every comment in a timely manner. Never leave a comment hanging out there without a reply, particularly if it’s a question or a complaint.

Improved analytics: As cloud technology evolves, expect that you’ll gain even more information about which behaviors by your call center will result in conversions. Reporting about customer preferences and satisfaction predictors will become increasingly granular and provide powerful insight into how you can move consumers closer to a purchase and gain more sales for your automotive business.

Call center trends are heavily impacted by technological advances, and the widespread use of cloud software is providing an edge to business development centers that embrace that opportunity.


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