Improving the Customer Experience

customer experience

It may surprise you to know that out of every 4,000 people who buy a car, an estimated 17 of them say they had the “ideal experience,” according to Autotrader’s Car Buyer of the Future Study. This leaves much room for improvement regarding the customer experience.

Even though most customers come to you with the bulk of their research completed, it’s the job of the salesperson to make the car-buying experience an enjoyable one.

What Can the Salesperson do to Improve the Customer Experience?

Training has to be high on the list of getting your sales team ready to interact in a positive manner with the public. You have to be thinking about what the customer wants if you’re going to create a sales culture that will improve the customer experience, and this has to be embraced by all the sales staff. Upping your digital game could provide significant improvements. Also, do your salespeople have the ability to keep the conversation on the showroom floor instead of a cramped back office?  Little things like this could make a big impact on the customer experience.

Be as Savvy as Your Customer

Today’s car buyers are coming to the lot well informed. They’ve done their research, which means there is no longer any need for the haggling of yesteryear. The customer experience must be one of total transparency.

How many of your sales are now online? Even if you haven’t embraced this method of selling cars, your website has to be optimized for a smooth and easy user experience, and that includes mobile. Customers expect a rich web experience as they research the cars they intend to purchase, and if your site isn’t up to the challenge, they’ll click off to a competitor within seconds.

Spruce up the Showroom

Nobody wants to spend time shopping in a showroom that is dirty or uninviting. People do so much shopping online today that you don’t want to give them another reason to stay out of the retail shop.

Take an objective look at your dealership, or bring someone in to do it for you, and consider giving it a facelift. Bring in some amenities and give it a feel of a comfortable hotel lobby. Some dealerships will even serve their buyers dinner while the car is being readied to drive off the lot. Think of these extra things that will make your customers feel special and spread the word about your dealership.

How do you think you can improve the customer experience at your dealership?  Make it a goal to implement new strategies today.