Are You Looking for Ways to Increase Your Auto Sales Leads?

auto sales leads

Auto dealers are expert communicators, but we can always find ways to improve the way we reach out to consumers and turn them into auto sales leads. Fortunately, we have a buying public who is entrenched in researching their next purchase, so all you need to do is make sure your content gets in front of them when they are looking to buy. Here are ways you can reach your customers more effectively:

1. Newsletters
Newsletters can get redundant, especially if your target audience isn’t very far in the buy cycle just yet. However, you can step it up a notch by making it more enticing with discounts and giveaways. It doesn’t even have to be that big of a prize – consumers are attracted to these promotional tactics and will be more likely to associate your newsletters with a positive feeling.

2. Daily Tips
Use your social media channels to offer quick and helpful tips on car buying. You can do this on a daily basis or plan out your week with a few tweets that touch on relevant topics that give consumers more insights. This can create a boost to your auto sales leads.

3. Refer a Friend
That next service to a customer’s vehicle could come at a discount if they refer a friend. This is an excellent way to get accurate contact information on people who could become a buyer. It’s also a great incentive for your current clients to do some footwork for you.

4. Share What Makes You Stand Out
What separates your dealership from the one down the road? Make a quick bullet list of everything you do and highlight what you’re doing that others aren’t. This is a quick and easy way to let the target market know where your value is and will entice them to come talk to you.

5. Optimize Mobile
Have you tested your mobile site lately? Consumers who are interested in a new vehicle are constantly researching to find what’s right for them, and they’ll do this on their mobile phones. However, if your mobile site isn’t optimized, it is likely to push people away, and they’ll search elsewhere. Don’t let your excellent inventory and expert sales team flounder due to a clunky mobile experience.

6. Use Your Phone
Believe it or not, cold calls still work for auto sales leads. This is only effective if you’re adept at writing a quality script, so get your best people to work on it with you. Be prepared for rejection, but think of it as practice for the next call.

What lead strategies work for your dealership? Let us know if these tips are a part of your strategy to develop sales leads.



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