Making Headlines in Car News, a Car Designed For Comfort and Conversation

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Could car design take a turn similar to how designers are looking at the kitchen today? Kitchens aren’t just for cooking anymore; today’s designs put an emphasis on hanging out with the family in a multi-use space that is suitable for full-on family meals, entertainment and general relaxation. The headlines in car news today prove that there is a definite shift to making automobiles as comfortable as your living room.

Renault, the renowned French automaker, has dreamed up a concept car called the Symbioz, which is an electric car with extra seating space. That’s not exactly much of a concept, but when you consider the car is designed to be an extension of the home, it is. To make its point, Renault went to great lengths to build a modern house that pairs perfectly with the Symbioz concept.

With the Symbioz, the batteries are stored at the bottom of the car, and these batteries can be used to power the house as well. This would be especially helpful for the peak energy use hours when the grid is taxed, or when there is a blackout situation and the grid is completely down. Furthermore, they’ve designed it to be an extension of the living space, with retracting dashboards and seats that turn to face each other as if you’re in a conversation pit.

The Symbioz is supposed to be ready for testing later this year, which is sure to spark some headlines in car news.

From self-driving cars to more safety features that assist drivers in getting from point A to point B without incident, engineers and designers are working together to create car news that excites the general public and auto dealers at the same time.

Not to be left out, Honda is introducing its EV Concept at the 2017 Frankfurt motor show, which runs for 10 days ending September 24. The EV Concept draws inspiration from the design of the Civic’s early days, yet it offers new and exciting features, such as a cool steering wheel, lighting displays on the exterior and a massive media screen as an instrument panel.

Honda is also rolling out the Honda Power Manager Concept alongside the EV Concept, which is a battery system that can backfeed the grid from home and provide the owner with a little extra income. Also, this is not a far-fetched design as Honda says they are roughly two years away from producing the car for the European market.

Keep your eye on car news to see when it makes the leap from Europe to North America.


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