How Marketing Automation Helps You Engage Your Target Market

marketing automation

Email remains one of your most powerful marketing channels, and if you tap into the potential of marketing automation, email can revolutionize how you nurture leads and foster loyalty. Your potential customers are looking for a personalized experience when they buy a car, and with automation, you can deliver it.

Email automation allows you to set up a way for potential customers to receive personalized emails based on their behaviors. For instance, a potential customer that completed a test drive but didn’t move on to securing financing to purchase the car could receive a follow-up email a couple of days later. You can let them know the car is still on the lot and about a special promotion you’re running that day.

Automated marketing works for after the sale too. Send your recent customers a link to your Instagram contest, where customers show off the adventures they’re having in their vehicle. You could also send regular email reminders to have a service appointment set up.

Take a look at some of the benefits of including marketing automation in your lead nurturing strategy:

You free up your sales and marketing teams. By nurturing leads along through an automated channel, your sales reps are freed up for working with customers on the showroom floor. They can always step in on an email exchange if necessary, but the system handles much of the hands-on work.

You provide value to your target market. Whether it’s a discount on an oil change or a newsletter that provides tips on trunk organization for vacationing with kids, use email to send out messages that are valuable, solve a problem or provide an incentive for them to interact with your dealership.

You can find out what’s working and what’s not. By using marketing automation, you can find out which kinds of emails result in increased engagement with your dealership. Did the oil change discount result in increased appointments with your service department, and did your contacts jump in on your Instagram contest? It’s relatively easy to track how successful your automated emails are at encouraging behaviors that lead to sales.

You establish your dealership as the expert. By sending out valuable content to your target market, you begin to build a presence. When your contacts have an interest in purchasing a new car, they’re bound to come to you first.

Cultivating leads and retaining customers takes a lot of work. Let email automation take some of the burdens off your sales team as you find new and better ways to connect with your target market.


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