Opportunities For Automating Your Car Dealer Marketing

car dealer marketing

Email remains one of the most powerful tools in car dealer marketing for reaching your target audience. You can offer a more personal message and distribute content that is highly customized for where your contact is in the buying process.

Many car dealerships use email to reach potential customers, but you can also use it more effectively by automating some of your email activity. Automating in some areas allows your staff to focus on more detailed communications that require their expertise.

Automate your welcome emails. When a visitor first comes to your website and fills out a contact form, this is the perfect opportunity to send an automatic welcome email. Include something of value as a gift in your email, like a perk for taking a test drive or a discount coupon for an oil change.

Use automation to follow up periodically. If your customer browsed a particular model of car for an extended period of time, or they came in for a test drive or a promotional event, send them a simple follow-up email and thank them. Include a call to action that leads them to the next step in their buying process, or include a link to valuable content that is appropriate for this point in their decision-making, such as a comparison on gas mileage for various models or a video that shows the various ways people enjoy a particular car.

Mix up automation and personalized emails. If you consistently send automated emails, your customer will begin to ignore your emails, so mix it up with some personal notes. If you notice that they’re spending a lot of time looking at a particular vehicle, send them a quick note offering to answer any questions they may have. Your car dealer marketing will be best executed when your approach is balanced in this area.

Create exciting, dynamic content. Buying a car should be a lot of fun. Even if a customer gets a little stressed about the financing or about choosing the best model, they’re still walking away with a shiny new car. Amplify that experience with your content. Create entertaining videos and splash some vibrant images in with your text. When you send an email, use colorful words to paint an experience for your contacts.

Celebrate their milestones. Mark birthdays and anniversaries with some clever car dealer marketing. Offer promotions or special fun to notice their birthdays. Remember that a lot of brands do some kind of birthday recognition, so how can you make yours stand out? Make it about the car experience: “You could be eating that cake in your new crossover!” and also about the event.

Automation offers a lot of opportunities to connect with your audience without taking up the time and resources of your dealership. No matter how you incorporate automation, be sure to measure its impact on your lead generation so you can refine and tweak it as you go.


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