The Opportunity is Coming for a New Level of Car Dealer Marketing in Autonomous Cars


There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the expectation of self-driving cars. Conversations around safety, design, storage and technology all present new opportunities that have never been a part of the considerations in the past. Car dealer marketing is also about to enter a new phase of development.

Along with safety and less traffic, the autonomous car comes with an important side benefit: more time. Drivers that used to be watching the road can now choose from a variety of activities on their way to and from their locations, from social interactions to work and entertainment.

There’s also time and the technology for passengers in the car to receive more messages about the brands they use, and car dealer marketing teams should take advantage of this chance to reach their loyal customers and potential leads.

A surge of data: You think you’ve seen Big Data, but some bigger words might be required for the collection of information that will be gathered from autonomous cars and other technology to determine consumer behaviors. For instance, your phone, your car and your biometric tracker may interact to provide you with a video on your dashboard that advertises your favorite restaurant that’s only two minutes down the road on your way home, just as your stomach is starting to growl.

Car dealer marketers can capitalize on data sources: It won’t always be about enticing customers with a video of a cheeseburger on their commute. It will also be about reminding them of their positive experience purchasing their autonomous car at your dealership, and perhaps they would like to go ahead and schedule a regular maintenance visit. The bot from the dealership will consult with the driver’s schedule on their smartphone and schedule a convenient appointment for a service visit.

Diagnosing problems before they happen: Data streaming from the automobile will also help car dealer marketers in anticipating revenue from repairs. A signal from a car’s tire pressure monitoring can alert the driver and the dealership that a tire rotation is recommended, or a dealership service manager may be able to diagnose a problem and even complete a repair from the dealership while the car is on the road.

Autonomous cars are no longer an if, but a when. Savvy car dealer marketers will be watching for the opportunities that will stem from having a constant flow of information from consumer vehicles.


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