Promoting Lead Generation Through Personal Conversations

lead generation

Your customers are doing a lot of research before they ever walk into your dealership. You need a lead generation strategy that provides for opportunities for conversation early in the process so that when a shopper decides to check out a car, they think of your dealership first. Personal conversations are memorable, partly because they seem rare in today’s marketing environment.

Conversations are also memorable because they magically turn your sales rep into a human being. Suddenly, it’s not just the guy that sells a car, but the guy that also relates to a customer’s preference for leather seats because he’s got messy kids and who remembers a customer’s need for easily removable seats because they’re a personal trainer hauling around a lot of exercise equipment.

So, how do you get a conversation started that’s effective for lead generation?

Create content that’s conversation-worthy. Your content needs to add value to your potential customers’ lives by addressing a common challenge or problem or by discussing a trending topic. Use engaging topics in a variety of formats, including video, email newsletters, social media posts and blogs to find different ways to get online conversations going.

Engage directly and have a defined purpose. Be personal in your conversation, but get to the point. Your customer, after all, isn’t likely to be using car shopping as a way to make friends, so don’t waste their time with too much small talk. When you engage with your potential customers, have lead generation and nurturing in mind and know what you plan to accomplish with the conversation. Are you wanting to talk to them about the special promotion you’re running or are you hoping to schedule them for a test drive? Know what you want to accomplish so that you know whether you achieved your goal for the conversation.

Use creative ways to connect. There’s a place for ebooks, white papers and other more in-depth content, but you may want to opt for content formats that most effectively start conversations. Consider hosting a webinar on a topic that has the potential to start a conversation and result in lead generation, such as the future of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the automotive industry. Include a lot of opportunities for polls, and Q&As during and after the webinar to get conversations rolling.

Conversations are memorable, and they’re a largely untapped part of lead generation. So much noise is generated online in the hopes of grabbing attention, and the pursuing of a genuine conversation can seem refreshing to your customers. Don’t miss out on the original best lead generation tool: the conversation.


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