Sales Training Tips for a Modern Sales Team


Walking into a sales manager role can come with a lot of challenges as you work to get to know the personalities of each sales reps, which often relates closely to their strengths and weaknesses as a professional. Here are several tips for sales training that will help you get rolling quickly with some new success on your team:

Get Back to Basics

Focus on listening skills: It’s always great if your salesperson is friendly to customers, of course, but it’s equally important that they are careful to listen, rather than talk, as they get the feel for a customer’s needs and preferences in a car. This helps build loyalty and trust so that the customer wants to buy a car from this particular salesperson.

Master the presentation: Train your sales team to communicate effectively with the service department. The car should have a nice wax finish, polished windows and shiny tires. Sales representatives should also have a solid knowledge of the safety features of each vehicle.

Prioritize professionalism: From the appearance of your sales team to the appearance of the cars, be sure that everything about your dealership is professional. Customers want to trust your dealership and a professional appearance helps them perceive you as competent and having expertise in your area of business.

Embrace the Modern

Utilize a good customer relationship management (CRM) system: Given the widespread use of mobile devices for researching purchases, you should expect that many of your leads will come through your website. Use a CRM, and train your sales team to use it well, and you’ll be able to keep up with your pipeline and convert leads to sales.

Offer opportunities for communications education: Whether it’s a brush-up on written communications at the local community college or a workshop in phone conversation skills, offer ways for your sales team to improve their communications. Much of their communications will be done via social media or email, so offering a class on effective online communication may be a good investment.

Use video marketing to connect with buyers: Video marketing is a great way to do staff highlights, showcase a particularly unusual or fun car on the lot or help buyers get to know your dealership by showing off a company event or promotion.

Taking on the management of a sales team may be a daunting task, but with the right sales training, you can take advantage of both basic skills and modern tools to launch a successful team.





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