Stay Competitive in the Automobile Industry With Automated Marketing Tools

atomobile industry

Using marketing automation tools to make sales can be an excellent solution for improving business at your dealership. By putting the right processes in place, you can gain more upsell opportunities and remain competitive in the automobile industry.

Nurturing the Lead
You can use lead nurturing solutions to sell upgrades to customers that have purchased before at your dealership. When you’ve already made a sale, you have data on your buyer, which can be used to push an upsell. This can come in the form of an email nurturing campaign, which allows you to stay in touch with them and develop a professional relationship.

When you get involved in an email nurturing campaign, you’re informing them of various items that can add value to their purchase. This isn’t necessarily a sales pitch; it’s educational content you’re putting out there that could entice them into the buy cycle. Most campaigns will include emails that are spaced at least a week apart because too much contact can drive customers away.

Online Behavior
Your current customers spent an average of seven hours online doing their research before coming to your car lot and making a purchase. Fortunately, you can look at a user’s experience on your site and use it to market other products to them.

For example, if you have a customer that looked exclusively at sports cars, you will be able to market add-ons for sports cars to them. This is a valuable resource because when you market directly to a person’s interests, you’re much more likely to entice them to look deeper into various upsell products that will add value to their purchase.

Surveys Reveal Valuable Data
A follow-up survey is important after each and every sale in the automobile industry. It doesn’t have to be a long and laborious process for your buyer, but you’ll need to include the questions that will reveal what you’re doing right and where you could use some improvement.

Your goal is to completely satisfy your buyer, and when you get those surveys back, you can learn about their experience and take any corrective action that needs to be taken. Instead of having an upset client talking about how bad their experience was with your dealership, you can turn that around and have them become a loyal customer that will speak positively about your business.

Take the next step by investigating the various marketing solutions available to you. Continually upgrading your marketing tools and finding new ways to push content to your customer base is an excellent way to stay competitive.


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