Technology and Its Role in Progress for Dealerships

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Technology has likely significantly altered your approach to the way you market your cars and services. This won’t change anytime soon and it’s important to always be looking at what works and what doesn’t in your marketing strategy.

Is Email Still Relevant?

Car dealers have been using email for many years now, but have you dropped off that channel in favor of newer, flashier technology? While it’s true that only 25 percent of the email you send out is actually opened, and only three percent is clicked on when they are opened, it’s still worth it. Why? Because you can automate the process and pair it with other marketing platforms for an increased return on investment.

Technological evolutions have simplified and automated the process, and made it easier to use with your other lead generation and marketing outreach. You can check out MailChimp, Hubspot and a variety of others that should work with your CRM.

Don’t Give Up on the Phone

In an age when it seems like the most popular (and sometimes only) means of communication is through text messaging, it’s important to know that when it comes to buying a car, using the phone still matters.

Software Advice offered a survey recently that shows that almost 48 percent of respondents say the phone is their preferred method of contacting businesses for the first time. According to the survey, consumers don’t like attendants who make long-winded introductions, so steer clear of that. Also, if you’re using a teleprompter, keep it simple because consumers dislike having too many options when it comes to being routed to the right people. Consider having a live attendant answer every call to provide a more personalized experience for every customer.

Utilizing Web Chat

We know that consumers are keen to jump on the Internet and find out as much as they can about vehicles they’re interested in before they step foot on a car lot. Why not engage them while they’re surfing your site?

This is a technology that can put your people in direct contact with actual buyers who have important questions they need to be answered by a qualified specialist.

Social media, direct mail, traditional advertising and tech-savvy means of getting buyers on the lot are all relevant channels in today’s market. What are you doing at your dealership to engage more consumers?



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