These Technology Trends Could Improve Driving Safety and Convenience

technology trends

Autonomous driving and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are currently fueling a lot of conversation, but did you know that there are some technology trends that could significantly improve safety and convenience much sooner? The autonomous car is expected to change the entire experience of transportation, but it will likely be a while before it hits the road. These new features could be available much sooner.

Take a look at these new technology trends that represent advancements that carmakers could use soon to make cars safer and more appealing to the market:

Eliminate side-view mirrors. Imagine having nothing to bump as you go through the ATM lane at the bank, or not having to pop your mirrors back to position after a car wash. It’s possible now because those side-view mirrors could easily be replaced with video access to your blind spot. It represents one of the areas where the technology is readily available, but carmakers have not yet capitalized on this opportunity to improve safety and make vehicles a little more streamlined and attractive.

It’s a great way to keep drivers’ eyes focused on the road because they would need only to glance at their screen to see if it’s safe to change lanes, rather than looking all the way over at their side mirror or swiveling around to look at the blind spot.

Take away the key ring. This may eliminate an entire category of “what to get dad for Father’s Day” but the key ring may someday be obsolete. Keyless entry has been available for a long time, but because the systems can be tricky and a hassle to repair, they haven’t taken off as a standard offering.

The technology to offer better keyless entry is there. You could use a feature on a smartphone to unlock your car, or there are possibilities for biometric technology, such as a fingerprint scan on your car.

Offer a better way to display. Heads up display (HUD) units could give drivers the ability to see all critical information without looking away from the road to the dashboard. Projectors could be built into the windshield to help drivers access speed and other information, but it could also be integrated with navigation systems so that directions appear right in front of the driver.

These technology trends won’t revolutionize driving the way that autonomous vehicles will, but they could provide some great benefits to drivers right now. Watch for these items to start to make their appearance in cars and offer drivers and their passengers better safety and convenience.


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