Use These Sales Training Tips to Connect With Your Customers in New Ways

sales training tips

Customers are spending a lot of the buy cycle researching your dealership and your inventory before they ever make contact with your sales team. They often have their decision down to one or two models by the time they come test drive a vehicle, which is why you need to provide sales training tips that help your team connect with a customer during their online shopping research.

Sales training tips are about test drives and signing the deal, too, but there’s so much opportunity in the early stages of customer shopping that you should be using to your advantage:

Email: Connecting with potential customers over email is one of your dealership’s best strategies for nurturing a lead to complete a sale. Through email automation tools, you can send a follow-up email after they’ve browsed crossover vehicles with a link to a blog that discusses the benefits of crossovers over traditional SUVs. If you’re running a promotion on a specific model of sedan, that promotion can be emailed out to all the customers that have been browsing that model and other models of sedans.

Website: Make your website a workhorse for your sales team. Use search engine optimization (SEO) guidelines in its design and make it easy for users to find your photo gallery, your inventory, resources and a quick and easy contact form. Entice them to contact you with a link to a free infographic on fuel efficiency tips, for instance, for providing their email address and phone number.

SEO: Get to know SEO and use it to guide how you construct your website, how many keywords you’re putting in your blogs and how you create your social media posts. Your sales team is relying on organic searches to get customers to your website, so be sure they can find you through a Google search.

Social media: Social media is the new Little League team sponsorship. You’ll be hard-pressed to define its exact impact on your sales numbers because while you can track social media visitors that click over to your website, it’s harder to track benefits like brand awareness. Use social media to thank customers for their purchase with a picture of them by their car, and use it to post value-added content so that you establish your reputation as a reliable source of information.

Sales training tips look a little different in 2017 because the buying process looks different, too. Customers still value a personal connection with your sales team, but they want you to reach them where they hang out, and for many of your potential customers, that’s online. There are a lot of ways to connect with your customers and provide them with valuable resources that inform their purchase decision through email, social media and your website. When they’re ready for a test drive, they’ll come straight to you.



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