Use Technology to Improve Customer Service at Your Dealership


The way you did business a few years ago on your car lot has likely evolved, and that’s because the way people buy cars has changed. Technology has played a big role in that evolution, but as you learn about new gadgets and clients’ online behavior where car buying is concerned, a continued focus on customer service is still important.

Some dealers have struggled with how they are going to compete with online car sales.  Internet companies use technology to offer automation and consumer-driven transactions – all online. A consumer who is intimidated by a face-to-face interaction with a car salesman may gravitate towards those online opportunities.

But how much customer service can an online transaction offer a buyer? Years of marketing research proves that customer service is important to consumers. In fact, if a consumer believes they can get better customer service at a different company, they’ll gladly jump over to that company. However, a report from Econsultancy found that more than 80 percent of consumers require customer support while they’re making an online purchase.

We know that the average car buyer puts in hours of online research on vehicles before they come to the lot to make a purchase. Therefore, it’s up to your dealership to develop an online platform where you can offer all the content a buyer needs to make an informed decision. Even though this isn’t a face-to-face transaction, it’s still an important customer service strategy.

It is also important for you to empower your buyers. You can do this by giving them options. For instance, you know all the steps involved in purchasing a car. How many of those steps can you allow your buyer to take online? Applying for a line of credit, either online or via a tablet at the store … they feel more engaged in the process and empowered.

Electronically signing documents and reading the privacy policy at their own pace are good steps to take toward empowerment, or using technology to introduce the buyer to aftermarket additions will also work effectively.

If you can provide a tablet computer or a kiosk that allows access to videos about your cars, various warranty packages, anything that will educate them and help them feel more confident about their purchase is an excellent way to provide customer service.

As a car industry professional, you’re already a great communicator. Looking for ways to extend that communication via new technologies is a step in the right direction.


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