Using Artificial Intelligence to Give Your Marketing a Boost

artificial intelligence

Digital marketing has been on the scene for a long time, making it convenient to connect with your target audience in personal ways through social media and email newsletters. Now, the technology is evolving to include artificial intelligence in ways that can streamline your marketing efforts through the use of bots and leave more complex tasks to your team.

Take a look at some ways that you can use artificial intelligence to pump up your marketing efforts:

Use bots to start the sales process. When a potential customer first visits your site, they may be gathering simple information about a particular car model, about your dealership, or about a category of cars, like pick-ups. A bot can help move them along to the next step of their purchasing decision by answering simple questions about the promotions you’re advertising or the benefits of choosing a specific model.

Give your bots the dealership’s personality. Are you fun and adventurous as a brand, or are you selling the luxurious life with a specialty brand? Give your bots the appropriate personality to go with your brand. This consistency will help set you apart from your competitors.

Turn everything that’s not creative over to bots. Automate any and all possible interactions with customers, but leave the creative work to your staff. Your bots can have conversations, generate social media posts on schedule or send personalized emails with promotion details. If it can be automated, it should be automated, so that your energy can go into the creative side of your dealership, spending time on designing promotions and making personal phone calls to seal a deal. Bots can schedule a test drive, send reminders for service appointments and respond to inquiries, so allow them to do that.

Track trends and drive new initiatives. Artificial intelligence is not only good for responding to customers’ questions, but also for identifying patterns in their behaviors and using data to drive business processes. You can use the information gained through data analysis to shape the ways you interact with customers on social media or what words you include in an email newsletter’s subject line. From broader trends to details about how your customers browse your site, artificial intelligence can do a lot to inform your marketing strategy.

Artificial intelligence sounds like science fiction, but it’s informing business strategies across a variety of industries. You can use this technology to run a better dealership, connect with potential customers and exceed your sales goals.


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