Utilizing Voice Search in Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy

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It seems like just when you get up to date on the latest technological evolutions, you have to prepare to change with another round of innovation. You’ve likely been through many iterations of your website before optimizing it for mobile, and now there is something else in your search engine marketing strategy that you must address: voice search.

Voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo as well as Apple’s Siri have all become more advanced than their earlier versions, and more people are using them on their smartphones, tablets and home-based multi-tasking units like Alexa.

Voice search technology began seeing an increase in users in 2014 when almost 40 percent of teens and adults in the U.S. utilized various voice search functions on a daily basis. Today, the automotive industry is the fifth most voice-searched industry.

It’s Trending

While trends won’t always inform your search engine marketing strategy, it’s worth noting that a survey of SEO experts found that voice search was the third most popular trend for 2017. This could mean that if you don’t begin at least looking into making voice search part of your strategy, you could be left behind if its current trajectory holds true.

Voice search makes sense, too, given how much we rely on our smartphones today. Driving down the road, a consumer wants directions to the nearest auto dealership, and instead of endangering themselves and everyone on the roadway, they do a voice search instead of typing in keywords on Google Maps.

Optimizing Your Voice Search

When a consumer does a voice search for an item they intend to purchase, there is a 50 percent chance they’ll actually make it to the business in the next 24 hours of executing the search. The key is to know what they’re searching for.

Developers encourage users to speak with a natural flow, more conversational, into their devices, which means your keywords need to follow suit. This trend exists for traditional search applications as well, but the data currently suggests using the same keywords for text and voice do not yield better results. Use the conversational keyword phrases for voice, and you should see an uptick in hits.

Continually Update

Your frequently asked questions pages (FAQ) are important. Use long-tail plus keyword phrases to direct your potential customers to the relevant pages. You want to make it easier for them to become educated, find out what they need to know and entice them to your dealership for a sale.


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