Why Video Will Dominate Digital Trends for 2018

digital trends

The popularity of Facebook’s live video feature has many dealerships planning new ways to incorporate video into their marketing strategies to build brand engagement and loyalty among existing customers. Along with it being one of the most important digital trends, there are several reasons why you should include video in your own plans for 2018:

Video builds trust. Your audience trusts what they can see. Do you have an exciting new option on a favorite car model, or are there some little-known features on your minivan model that can make life easier for drivers? Take a video and feature it on your social media profile.

Video creates an emotional connection. Of all digital trends, video is the most effective at giving you a way to connect on an emotional level with your target audience. Whether you’re delivering excitement on a test drive of a sporty model that’s being featured on a video, or you’re attempting to convey the luxury of an elite sedan, video provides a powerful way to elicit emotions from your audience.

Video is a memorable medium. Think about the last print ad that stuck in your mind. If you’re coming up empty, that’s not surprising. People tend to forget things they either see or hear, but the combined effect of both audio and video tends to be memorable. If you can add in some humor or an appeal to someone’s softer side, it can increase its staying power even more.

Video is convenient. It takes some time and effort to read the text equivalent of a two-minute video. When a member of your target audience watches a video, they take in a lot of information in a short time period, efficiently informing their decision about which car they should purchase. Use video to quickly convey a wealth of information, such as for a test drive video of a new car model or to show off your service department in an effort to build customer loyalty.

You provide a brand experience. Branding is growing beyond simply a logo and a set of values that you convey to customers. Customers want to experience your brand and feel that they have a relationship with your company. Use video to build this, offering behind-the-scenes live video of your holiday party or a customer appreciation event.

If you’re watching the latest digital trends and looking for ways to incorporate them into your marketing strategy, then video should be your big investment for 2018. Get started with video and watch your dealership’s lead generation grow.


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