What’s New With Interior Automotive Design?

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The car of the future includes significant upgrades to the interior so drivers have less to worry about what’s going on outside. As automotive design brings more comforts to the driver and passengers, there is also an increased focus on safety, which includes more cameras and sensors in the interior design elements.

Siri, What’s the Future of Speech-and-Response Systems?

Apple has introduced CarPlay so drivers can have access to their digital assistant, Siri, while driving. At the moment, this voice-activated system allows you to bring your iPhone functions to a screen on the dashboard, offering a safer, hands-free way to use your phone’s applications, but the future of voice response systems in automobiles is likely to become much more involved.

The potential of this technology is to allow voice commands to control car functions, such as setting the cruise control speed by voice. Want to dim your headlights? Just ask for it and that will happen.

Heads Up!

What was once thought only something fighter pilots would ever have access to is coming to automobiles – a heads up display, or HUD. This allows the driver to keep eyes on the road while important information about what’s going on with the car and everything around it is displayed on the windshield in front of them.

Some who are banking heavily on self-driving cars to take over don’t see much future in the HUD, but it’s definitely something that’s being looked into by automobile manufacturers. In fact, the BMW 7 Series already has the technology, as do the Volvo Xc90, Corvette Stingray and several others.

Cameras and Sensors

Want to know what’s behind you as you’re backing up? Don’t look in your rearview mirrors, just look at the video monitor on your dash. This technology has been around for a while, but there are now more cameras pointing toward the interior that use advanced driver assistance systems mechanisms.

Something that is getting more attention includes sensors that alert you to what’s all around you. Sensor technology is helping shape the cars of the future because they’re helping make driving safer and more fuel-efficient.

Of course, this is all something that is helping to move in the direction of driverless technology. However, for now, while researchers continue to improve the autonomous car technology, drivers will benefit from the cameras and sensors that make the road safer for everyone.


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